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Rules for Username Change.
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26th Jun 2014

Xbox Players:
We will only change your Username if it matches your Xbox Live gamertag, so please don't post a name change request until your gamertag is actually changed.

Playstation Players:
Since to "change" your PSN, you need to make a whole new account, we don't need you to change your PSN if you are entering power. If you have a new PSN we can change your name to that if you would like. ALSO, we could add LTK to your username. For example: If your PSN is Matt91, on the site we can make it say "LTK_Matt91" or "LTK Matt91" and you don't have to make a new PSN.

PC players:
Your name can be anything within the rules, as long as it matches what you changed your online game name to.

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Forum » Forums » User Name Change
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