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LTK Weekly #1.
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LTK Stricken (Banned)
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27th Jun 2014

The first LTK Weekly!
So everybody knows we just launched yesterday, but screw it. Doing an LTK Weekly anyway cause we be rebels!!
So in the short period of time, we added some new clans!
They're all for Ghosts, sadly. So LMFAO.
Infinite is for Xbox One, Aqua is for Xbox 360, and Nightmare is for PS4.
@LTK Majestic GL
Majestic was banned for sneaking into the admin panel, trying to delete the site, and erase all the click logs.
He was caught when he tried to ban my account (and since I'm owner of the site I cannot be banned) it alerted me via PM. The first ban on the site
@LTK LongShot CL went from Major to Colonel, 
@LTK_Ashley_GL went from PSN Colonel to PSN General, 
@Kizerre became a triple nubcake
@oDarkZero became Major,
congrats to them all!
Member smilies
If you get to the rank of CL+ or you help us with team pay, you get your own smiley!!
For example, between these bars [ ] if you type "Stricken" you get 7528
If you do that and type "Kizerre" you get 7529
If you do that same exact thing with "Longshot" you get 7530
So help us with teampay today and you can earn your very own smiley of your choice!
That wraps up this LTK Weekly, another one will be released next week, hope to see ya reading then!
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Last Edit: 27th Jun 2014 by LTK Stricken
Forum » News & Announcements » LTK Weekly
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