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MoTM Nomination Format and Rules.
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26th Jun 2014

In order to nominate someone for Member of the Month, they must follow into the following scenarios:

1. Do not nominate your friend just because they are your friend. If that person is your friend, you may nominate them, but keep in mind that they must set a good example for LTK.
2. Do not post no more than 1 nominations each month as every nomination after the first will be closed.
3. Keep in mind that the member you nominate must be active in a Battalion and set a good example for the clan.
4. Stick to the format. Its a very simple one, so use it. You may copy the below format and paste it in a new thread. Then post it.
5. You cannot nominate yourself.
6. You cannot be on the voting poll 2 months in a row
7. Winners of MoTM cannot be added to the polls again till 3 months after winning

Copy the text below and paste into a new thread of it's own:

QuoteMember you wish to nominate:
Why do you think this member should be a MotM?:

The first 3 weeks of the month will be open for nominations and then the last week of every month will be the 'voting' week, no more nominations will be accepted for that month and the winner will be announced the 1st of the following month.

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Forum » Forums » Member of the Month Locked
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